entropyexported: Yeeeeeep already following on IG - petermblack :)

Sweet pics my dude!! Fellow Toronto friend ✌️

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1 more hour of work left lemme lurk your instas @v_webs 💃
Anonymous: What's The Mindy project?

A show that I’m a little to obsessed with right now …


everything you love is here

bbq vibes - brooklyn
itallstartedwithcuriosity: Hey Vanessa! I’ve launched a teespring campaign. Would you please check it out and help me reach my goal? Here’s the link, teespringDOTcom/captureeverymoment You can get one if you’d like, if not can you at least share it so that people can learn about it? Thanks :)

Hell yeah!!! Guys check it out!

Anonymous: You and your girlfriend seem so in love, I hope to have that one day.

Just stay away from The Mindy Project


i just want to be that happy.