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It’s rainy and I’m comfy.

Damn my twin cutie
underrrdog: Miss u

Miss you more xo can’t wait to go to a GAY WEDDING WITH U NEXT WEEKEND HEHE

Anonymous: Wait do you smoke now

Ya my girlfriends dick

Anonymous: how come u wanna sell your lights lithographs?

They’re just sitting in the corner of my room in the containers from when I bought them years ago! I wanted to frame them but I have no room for them because they’re big so they’d probably be better In someone else’s hands!

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#wasilcrushwednesday I love you @sheadontplay 😘😘😘

I’ve got 2 lights signed lithographs still, is there anyone interested before I try and throw em online?? There’s “Brett says stay” and “anywhere but here”


Broadway and spring