Anonymous: what is your ideal person like who would you be interested in?

I want to be with someone that I will love the same no matter if we live in a shack or a mansion, if we drive a ferrari or ride the subway, if were fat or skinny! I want to have a future with someone I love so much that money will never be responsible for coming between us. I’d be fully content with cuddling in a small bedroom with lots of pillow, blankets and saving money to travel the world! I want to marry someone I can love as a spouse and a bestfriend all at once! I want to fall in love with their every single flaw and goofy face and smile and be like yup that’s mine :) I’m interested in a love that’s going to last forever, and I’ll wait forever if I have to. I thiiiink that’s what I’m going for.

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  1. 270293 said: yikes. give the gas card to your mom or something then jeeez.
  2. ashkend said: dawwwwh
  3. canadianshay said: marry me bby~